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GuangZhou      Dubai

Fast ship to door, label and ship

¥9.5RMB / KG Start


广州    迪拜

快船到门 贴标出货

¥9.5RMB / KG


广州    迪拜

快船到门 贴标出货

¥9.5RMB / KG


广州    迪拜

快船到门 贴标出货

¥9.5RMB / KG


广州    迪拜

快船到门 贴标出货

¥9.5RMB / KG

Why Choose Us

Super long air transport experience

29 years of international air transport experience, professional operation team,
Excellent business level

Super many overseas agents

More than 3000 overseas agents around the world to meet the needs of different customers, Personalized air transport needs

Super class space

Stable cooperative relationship with major airlines, Sufficient space and preferential freight rates

Super wide coverage

There are many advantageous routes, covering Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe, America, India and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand, Africa

Super operation team

With the first-class booking, customs declaration and operation in China Team, proficient in the import and export operation process of each route

Superb customized solution

Professional customized air transport solutions, can be done on time pick-up, Timely customs clearance, timely delivery, limited time performance

Super emergency ability

Flexible air transport emergency plan, for sudden events Super strong ability to cope with

Super flexible customer service

7*24 hours all-weather customer consultation service, One-to-one business manager intimate guidance

Service content

Signing foreign trade contracts and payment
Import certificate and document agency
Export customs clearance
Import and export rights agency
Import customs clearance
Domestic bonded area customs clearance

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Daily necessities



Serving advantage

29 years of professional experience

High quality customs clearance operation team

one‑stop full process hosting service

7*24 hours follow up

Export Customs Clearance Process

Fill in the power of attorney

After the customer fills in the power of attorney, it needs to be sent to our company

Provide customs declaration information

Customers need to provide complete customs declaration information, including packing list, invoice, customs declaration form, etc.

Customs declaration

After preparing complete customs declaration documents, start to export customs declaration, and release after customs inspection

Feedback customs declaration results

Provide relevant information to customers and feedback the customs declaration dynamics in real time

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